The key to a successful window covering is to find the perfect drapes or curtains for the entire room and environment. Our skilled associates are very knowledgeable concerning the range of different materials, sizes, and styles available on the market. They will offer cost effective coverings and the most current trends or styles in the window decorating world. We offer our clientele a variety of choices when it comes to their unique custom window needs. 

Our company has over 50 years of experience in the drapery business. Built on the strong values, high moral work ethic, and excellent customer service of the Grandfather who birthed the company, we are a long standing member of the Professional Drape Group. We assure that our employees are adequately trained and passionate about their work. Our extensive knowledge in the Soft Furnishings industry gives us an edge when it comes to choosing the perfect type of installation for your needs. We offer our custom fit drape and window curtain services to fit even the oddest shape or window location.

Our specialised window treatment service has the ability to handle large orders and installations containing custom size, material, or location requests. Give us a call, use our convenient form on our website, or sign up online to arrange for a measurement and a quote today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your unique window situation. You will not be disappointed with the superior service and quality you receive from our team of expert drapery technicians. Give us a call today to experience the beauty and luxury of quality custom window coverings.